Facebook says it will open up for independent ad audit

Following multipleadmissions last year that it had been misreportingA�some of its adA�numbers, Facebook just announced that it has committed to an audit by the Media Rating Council a�?to verify the accuracy of the information we deliver to our partners.a�?

The mistakes that Facebook revealedA�last year seemA�relatively minor, but collectively, they probablyA�have added momentum to calls from the ad industry forA�better data from Facebook, as well as more third-party verification of that data.

In the blog post announcing the MRC audit, Facebook also says it will be providing more details about how long (down to the millisecond) an ad is actually on-screen, as well as how long 50 percent and 100 percent of the ad isA�on-screen. So hopefully, advertisers will wonder less about whether theya��re paying for ads that arena��t actually seen.

In addition, Facebook says ita��s now working with 24 independent partners for ad measurement. Plus, it will be adding new video ad-buying options a�� for example, advertisers could only pay for videosA�that are viewed in their entirety.

a�?As a partner to over four million advertisers across a wide range of organizations and objectives, we want to provide transparency, choice, and accountability,a�? Facebook says.