Twittera��s Moments get their own analytics

Twitter Moments, Twittera��s own take on short-form content told as a series of connected tweets, are today getting their own analytics, the company announced today. This will allow Momentsa�� creators to track how well their content is working on Twitter, by offering detailsA�onA�opens, likes, shares and more. The idea is that this data will aid in crafting better-performing Moments in the future.

As a refresher, the Twitter Moments feature wasA�first launched in 2015, as something of an answer to Snapchat Stories. Like Stories, Moments areA�designed to be simple and quick pieces of content. But instead of images, they string together a collection of tweets to tell a story.

The feature was first only available to brands and influencers, which could have slowed their adoption among Twittera��s user base. Creation tools didna��t become available to regular users until November, 2016.

Momentsa�� existenceA�also didna��t spur more sign-ups for the service, as the company had perhaps hoped. Nor did they replace the a�?tweetstorma�? as a means of sharing longer thoughts a�� manually numbered and connected tweets are still hugely popular on todaya��s Twitter.

Twitter ultimately decided to demote Moments in its app. Earlier this year, the company introduced an a�?Explorea�? section on mobile that took over the spot Moments once held. While Moments are still a part of this section, theya��re no longer the onlyA�draw, or even the main one. Trending searches, video and liveA�streams are now heavily featured here.

Introducing Moments analytics for all Twitter users on web. Just click on the down arrow to see how your favorite Moments are performing!

a�� Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) March 7, 2017

But several brands are continuing to post their own Moments. For example, at the time of writing, you can find Moments from Reuters, Hype Machine, GQ, SB Nation, Major League Soccer, Net-A-Porter and othersA�featured in the Explore screen, along with those crafted in-house.

Twitter declined to share metrics around Momentsa�� adoption, traction or growth.

To access the newA�analytics, you can click on the down arrow or the three-dot a�?Morea�? menu.

The tool will primarily be used by publisher partners and brand advertisers, we understand, and will track opens (number of times a Moment is viewed); unique opens (views by unique users); like, shares (from the tweet button), and the completion rate (percentage who reached the end of the Moment).